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Fred's Mental Miracle- Trick


A red and blue deck are shown and a spectator is asked to choose one, the other (let’s say the blue deck) is given to another individual to hold. The cards (let’s say the red ones) are removed from the box and placed face outward into the glass on the left. The cards are removed from the glass one by one and placed into the glass on the right. The performer asks the spectator to stop him whenever he pleases. When the spectator calls Stop, the card is placed into the glass in the middle. The second spectator is asked to remove the deck they are holding from its case. They deal the cards face up and count them until they reach the selected card. There are only 51 cards and the selection is not among them. The glasses on the end are turned to show red backs. The center glass is turned to show the card to be the blue backed card missing from the other deck!

This is a clean, no-sleight Brainwave effect (a stranger card) for parlor or stage that has a VERY strong ending and answers the question in the audience’s mind, “Where did that other card come from?” It is performed under strict test conditions, uses ungimmicked cards, and is incredibly easy to do.

* Spectators have free choices

* No switches

* No sleights

* No stooges

* No gimmicked cards

* No rough and smooth

* No mirror glasses

* Sets up in seconds

* Plays for 10 people or 100

* Easy to do - If you can pick up a single card you can do Fred’s Mental Miracle!

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Bill Shedoudy-

    Received Fred's Mental Miracle today and love it!!!
    I love these classical and elegant parlor effects and this one is perfect.  The glasses are a great touch also.  It's so nice the way they come apart for packing and not made from glass.
    Man, that was quick service too.

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